Artificial Intelligence, an approach to ease your life

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One of the most ardent entries in superior technology is Artificial Intelligence. Let’s take charge, and see how this can be a part of our daily lives and not just something that we fancy in the movies. You may not realize but you might just be using some form of Artificial Intelligence right now. Fun isn’t it! Google pop-ups of your favorite shows, Netflix recommendations, these are all peculiarities of Artificial Intelligence, which has made us conventional of its features. 

Artificial Intelligence has reached a place where it has developed exceptionally, it transfers huge amounts of data almost every day. You could call it the need of the hour which makes it hard to imagine life without artificial intelligence. This is molded to transform lives in the coming future.

So come let us look at some essential ways to broaden the idea of artificial intelligence through a few products of today’s times :


If security is your primary concern then Gate Automation, Entry Systems, CCTV and other accessories for surveillance are how you begin building your smart home. Get the smart surveillance methods that will provide you with full security. Watch and check your residence and agency with a wide range of analog HD cameras. These are very easy to install and handle. The span of features are wide angles, night vision, digital room and inbuilt analytics in various other forms. 

With a sturdy design, this camera facilitates you to inspect your residence or office at your phone, laptop, tablet, etc, just play, rewind and forward as you need it to be. Also, get notified easily and quickly as soon as there is an infringement in the area. At Lightomated, we commit to secure people and premises, wherever lives and property are at risk. Find extensive portfolio of innovative and high quality products , only at Lightomated. 

Audio and Visual

This Artificial intelligence is unique and gives a whole another level of comfort.  Acquire the ideal audio to commemorate your lifestyle. With automated audio and visual, you can ensure just what you need and in the form you want it. Break out the popcorn and get a majestic experience with Home theatres. One of the best quality gadgets with the peerless choice are available at Lightomated, it provides extraordinary customer service and unique delightful experience. The professional support is ensured with extensive warranties. 

Home Automation

Lets first know a little bit about Home Automation, before we provide you a way to it. A technological explication that facilitates automating the majority of electronic and technology-based assignments within a home is Home Automation. This suggests check and supervision over apparatuses and appliances within the home. Devices at a smart home are all connected with a local wired or wireless network. 

Who doesn’t desire a home with smart functions and a lot of headways? We all do! Because this weakens your anxiety and also makes your life easier at home. So why not!

Let this Internet Day be about Artificial Intelligence and our comfort with extraordinary tasks. Get the best comfort, security, and luxury with Lightomated.

Lightomated includes the centralized control of security lock system on doors and gates, appliances, windows, lighting, surveillance cameras and HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning). Visit, for the ease of your life.

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