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If you believe that home automation is all luxury and lavish, here is what is going to make you think again. Households with a baby(s) or toddler(s) need more safety and technology that fixates on your baby’s safety. An innovative way to look after them whether or not you are around is by automating your home and installing the needful equipment that ensures all the safety in your house. It is not possible to keep a check on all activities. Even if it gets hard, there is a solution.
Here are some easy and feasible ways you can deploy home automation to solve some of the problems that were introduced with the new addition to the family.


Babies are extremely sensitive to temperature, a slight rise and there starts the problem. This doesn’t restrict air temperature but also the temperature in which your little one is bathing. You can team up your regular appliances with a smart temperature sensor. This ensures that your baby is safe without extra efforts and constant checking.


Having a smart night light in your baby’s room provides both safety and sound sleep. The function of this smart night light is to light up when you go inside and goes off when you go out. So when you want to check on your baby, you can silently be led by the light as your little one sleeps the night away.


While in the parenting phase, there is a lot more to do than just feeding or checking their sleep patterns. With the boom in technology, smart assistants like Google and Alexa have made life easier, you can create daily routines for your baby. Some of the tasks that can be scheduled are a 1) wake-up alarm, 2) reminders about morning tasks such as breakfast 3) coming home routines, 4) reminding young children to go to bed, to unlock controls of the television, and a lot more.


After all the efforts that go in taking care of your baby, you still cannot monitor them 24/7, it’s nearly impossible. It’s best to depend on technology on this matter. You can implement sensors with the openers to keep intruders out and also prevents your baby from crawling his way out. You could be anywhere in the house without constantly worrying about your little one. This is simply the easiest and convenient way to stay alert & taking care of your baby. 


The one thing that is more important than anything else in the air your baby is breathing. No parent would want unclean air for their little one. Installing smart carbon monoxide and smoke detectors in your home can ensure healthy air quality. All the automation makes life smoother for you and enhances the quality of your life.

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