Shading Solutions That Promote Occupant Comfort

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Are you facing visual discomfort ? Ease your life by achieving the best visual comfort. It draws, the strength and flexibility from an occupant-centric approach that is based on the visual field of view of each occupant, they perform common visual tasks in a given environment. Here is a brief description of the features followed.

In order to avoid excessive solar gains and glare issues to the occupants, it is necessary to adopt suitable solutions that limit the incoming solar radiation, such as highly reflective coatings or movable shading devices.

Enhance Design –  Intelligent Hembar Alignment (IHA) offers superior precision alignment. Shades track together and stop at programmable pre-set positions within 1/8” of each other at all time. This maintains design intent and provides a clean aesthetic from the building exterior.

Reduce Glare –Daylight glare can cause significant eyestrain and discomfort. Occupant productivity can be greatly decreased if glare is not properly controlled.* In commercial buildings, the cost of occupants’ salary and benefits is often 100x more expensive than total building energy cost.

Maximize Daylight  –Research shows that compared to a system where shades remain closed, automated shades can provide an additional 65% daytime lighting energy savings. Lutron Hyperion Automated Shades double the useful daylight zone in commercial offices.

Preserve View –View preservation is the ability to maintain exterior views to provide occupants with a connection to the outdoors. Providing a general connection to outdoors through views can cause an improvement in productivity, mood, and well-being. Without consideration during shading system design, these views will not be utilized effectively.

Decrease solar heat gain –Without a solar barrier, radiant heat from direct sun, as well as the warm glass, can make occupants feel much warmer than the interior room temperature would indicate.

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