Smart Locks vs. Dumb Locks

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Home security is never complete without locks. The functionality of locks, dumb or smart, relies on not letting uninvited guests in and giving a hassle-free access to friends and family. We all have been relying on the traditional locks for quite a long time. But can these locks compete with the tool-kit of burglars? There is a new lock in the town fulfils your purpose and does what our traditional locks can’t.

Dumb/Traditional Locks

You can call dumb locks whatever you want but they have been doing one thing with perfection for quite a long time, that is, keep anything from getting in. The mechanism of locks like these depends on the manufacturer but usually, they open with a turn of a key.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are the new talk of the town. They can do what our good-old locks and keys can and are packed with all the features that a traditional can’t compare with. Smart locks usually don’t require a key to unlock. Instead, they run through the internet or apps and can be operated via smart phones. You can easily unlock the door with just one click. This also allows you to unlock your door for a friend from the comfort of your bedroom and if your friend wants to be let in while you are out you can do that even being thousands of miles away from the house.


Traditional/Dumb locks had its run, it has served its purpose for a long time but in today’s world of internet, smart locks outperform the traditional locks in every aspect and dumb locks will soon be replaced by the smart ones in no time. There are a lot of companies out there that offer smart home security services in India. Only a few offer you an exact vision of your home post-installation through experience centers. Lightomated is amongst the leading AV integration and home automation companies in India that’ll provide you follow-ups and proper training to operate your new home.

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