Our Services- 

Home Security

When it comes to Home Security, peace of mind is the ultimate objective that comes to our mind. 
Ensure the peace you need and make your house a safe haven by opting for innovations like high-resolution cameras, door stations, and streaming technology. 

  • Control your home security, no matter where you are! 
  • Receive constant alerts, check on the locks, the cameras, and more
  • Choose from a range of security options to keep your home safe

Explore the best home automation solutions with keyless security controls at your fingertips. 

With Lightomated in collaboration with Control4, DSC, and Yale, you can be rest assured, for your dream palace is in safe hands.

Smart Home Control

Tired of seeing long copper wires lying shabbily around your perfectly organized house?


Our Hassle free solution awaits you! 

With Lightomated, you can wave goodbye to switch-based control and choose to control your home with just a click! 


  • Enter and exit your home, without any fuss of dealing with key-based locks.
  • Be it Smart lighting, audiovisual systems, other devices, virtually everything- operate from a single smartphone or keypad.
  • Check your home’s security status, shade control, light control, and countless functions on a single screen on one single platform! 
  • Save up on time and get efficient with integrated control! 


Everything in the home is controlled on one intelligent platform powered by Lightomated (as system integrators)  in collaboration with our partners like Control 4, Crestron Home & Lutron.


With Lightomated, get used to the home being your relaxing space, not some string of wires!

Lighting & Shade Control

Your days of fumbling for light switches are behind you! 


With home automation systems, you know exactly where to click and control your lighting. 

Lighting is no longer a utility-

Home lighting automation is an aesthetic that functions through your preferences to set the perfect ambiance for ideal movie viewing and for your parties.


  • Choose ease of access with your entire lighting and shade control on your smartphones, tablets, and the devices you want!
  • With a wide-ranging selection of elegant controls and useful configurations, you get to customize and tailor the lighting to suit your needs and the decor of your home! 


Whether it’s new construction or you are renovating your home, Lightomated has smart lighting control systems for every home!


With innovative cutting-edge technology and whisper-quiet performance, we offer shade controls that are created for the most sophisticated homes. It comes with meticulous hand-finished designs available in a variety of finishes that blends seamlessly into any architectural style and home decor. 


Lightomated in partnership with OEM’s such as Lutron and Schneider offers smart home solutions like smart lighting and shade control for your home.

Distributed Audio Visual

Get ready to explore personalised content, anytime, anywhere, with Lightomated!


  • Enjoy your favorite playlist on Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube throughout the house or at a mellow pace in your room- Just how you like it! 
  • Stream videos from any corner of your house! You only have to choose your preferences and explore the content for different spaces like living areas, gym, terrace, anywhere with one app or keypad!


Lightomated offers:

  • high-resolution, 
  • multi-room audio visual solutions 


With just a touch of a button- 

  • the lights dim, 
  • the shades lower, 
  • the music starts to play, 
  • front door locks so you can truly enjoy the magic. 

Lightomated partners with Denon, Bose Home Automation & Control4 to transform the way you experience home!

Home Theatre

Simplify and elevate your home theater experience with Lightomated! 


Want to create a next-gen experience?

  • With our hassle-free Audio Video Integration, it is possible!
  • Seamless integration of the latest HD Display like OLED and 4K with 3D surround sound for a truly immersive cinematic experience.
  • Integrate your lighting with home theater sound systems and witness the magic.
  • One device- countless functions- dim the lights, turn on the sound, all of your audio, video inputs simplified! 


What’s more?

  • The solutions offered by our partners Bose, Sonance, and Focal are elegantly designed to match your contemporary home decor. 
  • With several smart soundbar options to choose from, there’s a perfect fit for you—no matter what size, style, or sound quality you and your home theater systems demand!


So, grab the popcorn and settle in!

Once you have Lightomated on Board for transforming your experience, you’ll never want to leave your home again. Lightomated offers a home theatre experience like no other!

Temperature Control

Ensure optimal temperature and optimize bills through temperature control. How?


  • Manage all your heating or air conditioning equipment with a touch of a button with elegant controls
  • Forgot to switch off your unit on your way out? With smartphone control, you never have to worry! 
  • Always enter all your rooms at the perfect temperature.


Move on from traditional thermostats and choose from a wide range of elegant thermostats from Lutron Home Automation & Basalte powered by Lightomated to suit the aesthetics of your home.